Diluted Radiesse in Arlington

Stimulate and Tighten

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Wake up your skin’s rejuvenating features

You can fight back against lost facial volume with biostimulating agents like diluted Radiesse. Achieve younger skin with ongoing tightening, reducing signs of aging like loose skin and fine lines.

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Dermestetics’ expert injectors use unparalleled technique and understanding of facial anatomy to craft your ideal facial contours that enhance your natural beauty.

As leaders in the field, we are adamant about regular training and refining our ability to better serve our patients. That means you benefit from advanced techniques like hyper-diluted Radiesse.

Why do we love diluted Radiesse?

Proven reputation for ongoing skin improvement
Results can last 12+ months
A safe, popular, and comfortable procedure

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Consultation Required?


Duration of Results

Up to 15 months

Sessions Needed

As Needed


Bruising and Swelling Lasting Upwards of 1-10 Days

What It Treats

Frown Lines
Loose Skin
Lost Facial Volume


Diluted Radiesse ———————– $975/vial

Consultation required to determine how many vials for treatment area.

Did you know?

Dermal fillers come in a range of formulas that perform different “filler functions.” Many dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that is essential to retaining moisture.

How it Works

Our customized approach to diluted Radiesse injections

Before any injection with diluted Radiesse, we tailor your treatment plan during a thorough consultation. We discuss your concerns, goals, and medical history, and assess your skin. Once we have the needed information, we curate your treatment plan and determine how diluted Radiesse can help you achieve your goals.

Who is a good candidate for treatment with diluted Radiesse in Arlington?

Because Radiesse is composed of the same minerals found in our bones, it carries little risk of allergic reaction. This makes it a great option for nearly anyone looking to successfully tighten their skin.

What happens during the treatment?

Diluted Radiesse injections are simple outpatient procedures performed in our luxurious medical aesthetics practice. Your provider will artfully inject the precise amount of diluted Radiesse to your specified treatment areas. If you’re worried about discomfort, we have options available—but most patients find these injections easily tolerable without numbing cream. Treatment usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, after which you’re free to return to your day.

Complementary Treatments

To create a comprehensive treatment plan to address each patient’s concerns, we often combine diluted Radiesse in Arlington with…

Interested in a deeper analysis of your skin health?

You can add a VISIA skin analysis to any appointment to track your skin’s age and learn more about the treatments that can address underlying concerns.