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Restore your youthful features

Rejuvenate your skin from the inside out with the most innovative RF microneedling device on the market. Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that pairs microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy.

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Dermestetics’ RF microneedling experts use Morpheus8 to trigger your body’s natural healing response and promote the production of new collagen and elastin.

As leaders in the field, we are adamant about regular training and refining our ability to better serve our patients. That means you benefit from advanced technology like Morpheus8 microneedling.

Why do we love Morpheus8?

Natural facial enhancement
Increase collagen production
No downtime

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Duration of Results

Up to 12 months

Sessions Needed



Face - 48hrs, Body - Varies

What It Treats

Fine lines and wrinkles
Skin elasticity
Rough or uneven skin texture
Acne scarring
Stretch marks
Loose skin
Skin Tightening


Sessions One Three Sessions One Three
Eyes $350 $975 Face & Neck $1,800 $5,100
Mouth $350 $975 Face, Neck & Chest $2,000 $5,550
Eyes & Mouth $675 $1,950 Scars $500 $1,300
Face $1,350 $3,900 Stretch Marks $700 $1,700
Neck $800 $2,325 Body Per Area $1,500 $4,000
Chest $800 $2,325 Add-On Resurfacing $1,650 $4,550

Did you know?

The Morpheus8 combines radio frequency technology, needling, and fractional treatments to address a variety of skin  problems on the face and body.

How it Works

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Our customized approach to Morpheus8 microneedling

Before any treatment with Morpheus8, we tailor your treatment plan during a thorough consultation. We discuss your concerns, goals, and medical history, and assess your skin. Once we have the needed information, we curate your solutions with Morpheus8.

Who is a good candidate for treatment with Morpheus8?

While nearly anyone is a good candidate for treatment with Morpheus8, your provider will ensure it’s ideal for you during your consultation.

What happens during the treatment?

Following numbing, tiny needles penetrate the skin and heat the tissue to stimulate the production of collagen. The 24 coated pins penetrate into the subdermal tissue, coagulating the fat and contracting connective tissue. Simultaneously, directional RF energy generates bulk sub-necrotic heating in the dermis. It is the only treatment known to mold fat under the skin to obtain optimal results. Contouring and refining the subdermal layers allows for a more detailed approach to sculpting the face naturally.

Ensure your results

Complementary Treatments

To create a comprehensive treatment plan to address each patient’s concerns, we often combine Morpheus8 with…

Interested in a deeper analysis of your skin health?

You can add a VISIA skin analysis to any appointment to track your skin’s age and learn more about the treatments that can address underlying concerns.

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Results of RF microneedling

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