SkinPen Microneedling in Arlington

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The original collagen-inducing microneedling treatment

Whether you have one major skin concern or several, SkinPen microneedling could be a solution. As the original FDA-cleared microneedling device, SkinPen stimulates collagen and elastin to rejuvenate and restore your skin.

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Dermestetics’ skin care experts use skillful craft and extensive experience to achieve your goals with SkinPen microneedling.

As leaders in the field, we are adamant about regular training and enhancing our ability to better serve our patients. That means you benefit from effective SkinPen applications others cannot match.

Why do we love SkinPen microneedling?

Multiple formulas for customizable treatments
Results can last 12+ months
A safe, popular, and comfortable procedure

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Consultation Required?


Duration of Results

12+ months

Sessions Needed



Minimal to none

What It Treats

Fine lines
Acne scars
Sun damage
Stretch marks
Skin texture
Enlarged pores


Microneedling ———————– $600 single session; $1,600 package of 3

How it Works

Our customized approach to SkinPen microneedling

Before any SkinPen microneedling treatment, we tailor your solutions during a thorough consultation. We discuss your concerns, goals, and medical history, and assess your skin. Once we have the needed information, we curate your SkinPen treatment plan.

Who is a good candidate for SkinPen microneedling?

Nearly anyone is a good candidate for SkinPen microneedling treatments, your provider will ensure you are matched up with the right treatment for you during your consultation.

What happens during the treatment?

SkinPen microneedling is an outpatient procedures performed in our luxurious medical aesthetics practice. Your provider uses the SkinPen device on your treatment area, which uses tiny gauge needles to cause controlled injury and prompt your body’s healing response.

Complementary Treatments

To create a comprehensive treatment plan to address each patient’s concerns, we often combine SkinPen microneedling with…

Interested in a deeper analysis of your skin health?

You can add a VISIA skin analysis to any appointment to track your skin’s age and learn more about the treatments that can address underlying concerns.